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* The death anniversary of Mar Immanuel Pothanamuzhy will be on Tuesday 3rd April in St. Joseph's Cathedral at 11.00 am.
* The 6th death anniversary of Mar Sebastian Valloppilly is on 4th April.
* The death anniversary of Rev. Fr. Francis Valayil is on 10th March. The Holy mass will be in Zion Chapel at 7.00 am.
* The diocesan day will be on Thursday 3rd May.
* HDC contact class will be on March 17th and 24th at Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka and March 3rd at Pastoral Centre, Manimooly.
* catechism annual exams will be on Tuesday 3rd April.
* New Address: Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Kumbakeel Abraham (Pastor, Holy Family Syro-Malabar Catholic Church, Oklahoma, 7501 Northwest EXPWY, P. O Box 32180, Oklahoma City, Ok 73123, USA)
Mobile: 0014055322043 E-mail :

Diploma Results 2012

Detailed Result of Diploma Examination - 2012
Result of Diploma Examination: 2012, an Analysis


Reception of the New Priests at Bishop's House

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The Result of Plus One, Plus Two, HDC & DCC 2012."

Detailed Result of Plus One (2012)
Detailed Result of Plus Two
Result of HDC (Higher Diploma in Catechesis) 2010 -12
PLUS TWO Result (2012); an Analysis




Mananthavady Diocese wishes all of you
The choicest Blessings of God
through out the
Year 2012

* New Appointments:
Rev. Fr. Pratheesh Kizhakkanputhuppally Asst. Vicar Nilambur
Rev. Fr. Jainesh Puthukkattil Asst. Vicar Nadavayal
Rev. Fr. George Mekkulathil SJ Asst. Vicar, Kalpetta
Rev. Fr. Saji Parekkattil O.Praem Asst. Vicar, Chundakkara
Rev. Fr. Devasia Idimuzhithadathil MCBS Asst. Vicar, Bathery
* HCC exams will be on 12th February 2012
* Jubilee greetings: Rev. Fr. Francis Karippukattil, Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Kunnath, Rev. Fr. Jose Mecheril, Rev. Fr. Abraham Nellickal, Rev. Fr. Thomas Ponthottiyil, Rev. Fr. Jose Thayyil and Rev. Fr. Jose Chakkittakudy
* The first death anniversary of Rev. Fr. Peter Cherukaramuttam is on 7th February.
* Pastoral Council Meeting will be held on 10th March at Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka from 10 am to 1.30 pm.
* The last date for submitting the application for education aid fund is on 30th March 2012.
* Parish Priests and Catechism Headmasters Conference is on January 14th 2012 at Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka
* Minor Seminarians, Mananthavady got the second prize for the All Kerala Inter-minor seminary Bible Quiz Competition conducted at Alphonsa Minor Seminary, Thamarassery
* Transfer and Appointments :
Rev. Fr. Sebastian Elavanappara Vicar, Makkiad
Rev. Fr. Augustine Thanniyil Director, Zion Retreat Centre
Rev. Fr. Robin Padinjarayil Diocesan Financial Adminisrator


* The death anniversary of Msgr. Thomas Moolakkunnel is on 3rd November and the death anniversary of Fr. Joy Choorackamattathil is on 12th November.
* November 13th is Media Day
* Young Priests' Course begins on 21st November and ends on 24th of November.
* Catechism Mid-term exam is on 11th of December
* Vishwasolsav is on 12th and 13th of November.
* Congratulations : Rev. Fr. Paul Korandiyarkunnel has achieved Doctorate in Philosophy from Dharmaram Vidya Kshetram, Bangalore.Vishwasolsav is on 12th and 13th of November.
* October 23rd is Mission Sunday
* Young Priests' Course will begin on 21st to 24th November at Pasoral Centre, Dwaraka.
* The first death anniversary of Rev. Fr. Jacob Nedumpillil is on 26th October.
* The annual Retreat for Priests':
                 First Batch : 18th to 23rd September
                 Second Batch: 25th to 30th September
* The death Anniversary of Rev. Fr. George Kazhikkachalil and Rev. Fr. Mathew Illickal is on 19th September.
* The death Anniversary of Rev. Fr. Joseph Mazhuvancherry is on 2nd September.
* The Mission Year Collection is on 4th September
* the next Priests' conference is on 29th of August 2011 at Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka.
* There will not be Living - Togehther Programme for Priests' this year.
* The Annual Retreat for Priests':
- First batch is on 18th to 23rd September 2011.
- Second Batch is on 25th to 30th September 2011.
* Jesus Fraternity Sunday is on 14th September
* Justice sunday is on 21st September.
* Catechism quarterly exams will be on 28th August.
* The death anniversary of Rev. Fr. Joseph Mazhuvancherry is on 2nd september.

Annual Retreat for Priests' - Participants



Photos: Diocesan Day Celebration 2011

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Diploma Result 2011

Diploma Result Diploma Result An Analysis

Catechism Plus I and Plus II Results 2011

Plus I Result Plus Two Result
Plus II Result, an Analysis

Transfer List of Priests: May 2011

* The last date for accepting the application for Education Aid Fund is on 31st March.
* Christeen Retreats:
           a) April 12th to 14th at Zion CRC
           b) May 12th to 14th at Zion CRC
* The Catechism annual exams will be on 3rd April 11.30 to 1.30 pm and the diploma exams will be on the same day at 2pm to 4pm.
* HDC first years contact class is on 26th March at Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka.
* The Major seminarians gathering is on 7th to 10th May at Mount Mary College.
* The general Transfer of the priests' will be on 14th May.
* The death Anniversary of Rev. Fr. Fransis Valayil is on 10th March.
* The death anniversary of Mar Immanuel Pothanamuzhy is on 6th April and the holy Mass for him on the same day at 11. 15 in Cathedral Church.
* The 5th death anniversary of Mar Sebastian Valloppillil is on 4th April.
* Jubilee Greetings: Rev. Fr. Kuriakose Kumbakeel, REv. Fr. Mathew Perumattikunnel, Rev. Fr. John Puthukulathil and Rev. Fr. Thomas Vazhachalil
* Congratulations and best wishes to the new KCYM diocesan team: Sajin Jose Chalil, Harsha Cheravelil, Shamjith Chelackal, Sruthi Nedugoottukudy, Antony Mangadapra, Jithesh Mulakkakkunnel, Dotto Mundupalackal.
* HDC (Higher Diploma in Catechesis) wriiten exam will be on Saturday,12th February at 10am to 1pm at Pastoral Centre Dwaraka and Manimooly. And oral exams will be on 26th and 27th at Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka and on 3rd March at Regional Pastoral Centre, Manimooly.
* The last date for accepting the application for education Aid Fund is March 31, 2011.
* KCYM State competition will be on 3rd, 4th and 5th December at Dwaraka.
* Presbyteral Council is on 6th December from 10.30 am to 1.00 pm at Bishop's House
* CML State Anniversary is on 11th December at Mananthavady
* Catechism Midterm exams will be on 19th December
* The diocesan Curia will be closed from 22nd December 2010 to 2nd January 2011.
* Next Priests' Conference will be on February 2nd 2011 at Pastoral Centre.
* Diocesan Day will be on 4th May 2011
* New Appointments: Rev. Fr. Mathew Madappallikunnel - Protosyncellus, Rev. Fr. Chacko Illickal OFM Cap. - Priest-in charge, St. Fracis Mas Centre, Vadapuram
* New appiontment: Rev. Fr. Mathew Chakkalayil CST, Vicar Moolankave and Associate Vicar of Bathery.

Congratulations and Prayerful wishes to our new Protosyncellus
Msgr. Mathew Madapallikunnel

* Congratulations: Rev. Fr. Joseph Nechikkatt wins the Shalom Media award of 2010
* Best Sakha is Muthireri, second goes to Ambayathode and third Kaniyaram
* CML : Best Mekhala ist Kalpetta, second goes to Payyampally and third Manimooly and Thariode
* Catechism Midterm Exams begins on 19th December
* The death anniversary of Rev. Fr. Joy Choorackamattam is on 12th November.
* Young Priest's Course - begins on November 29th evening to December 2nd
* New Appointments : Rev. Fr. Joseph Kattamkottil - Asst. Vicar, Nadavayal : Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Kannampillil CMI, Pro-Vicar, Niralvilpuzha

Greetings and Best wishes to
His Excellency
Most Rev. Salvatore Pennacchio

the new Apostolic Nuncio

Bio-data of His Excellency Most Rev. Salvatore Pennacchio, the new apostolic Nuncio to India.
* New Appointments : Rev. Fr. Joseph Kattamkottil - Asst. Vicar, Nadavayal : Rev. Fr. Emmanuel Kannampillil CMI, Pro-Vicar, Niralvilpuzha
* The death anniversary of Msgr. Thomas Moolakkunnel is on 3rd November
* HDC Contact Class: for second years will be on 9th and 23rd of October at Dwaraka and 16th of October at Manimooly
* Ph:0490-2414277is on 19th October.
* Mission Sunday : is 24th October
* Catechism teachers Day is 12th September.
* PEARL - Mekhala competition : on 21st September
Diocesan level competition on 2nd October at New Man's college
* CML State level literary competition : is on 21st September at Dwaraka.
* Logos Quiz Competition : Diocesan Level on 26th September 2010 from 2 p.m to State Level on 28th November 9.30 to 4 p.m
* HDC Contact Class :for second years will be on 9th and 23rd of October at Dwaraka and 16th October at Manimooly.
* Priests' Conference is on 11th August 2010 at Pastoral Centre.
* Appointment: Priest-in-charge, Moolankave and Asst. Vicar, Bathery - Rev. Fr. John Pulinthanath
* Catechism Quarterly exams on 29th August
* CML Literary competition diocesan level is on 15th August.
* Catechism Teachers training ...

Diocesan Day Celebrations on 4th May - View Photos

* The last date for the application for DCC and HDC is July 15th.
* July 4th is Youth Day
* July 3rd is Syro-Malabar Sabhadhinam
* Meeting of the KCYM Unit Animators (ANIMA-10') will be on 12th June from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m at Town Church, Mananthavady
* CML Diocesan Team Meeting : on 11th June at 6 p.m at Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka.

Transfer List of Priests: May 2010 

* July 3rd. Syro-Malabar church day
* June 20th. Bible Sunday
* June 13th: Catechetical Sunday
* The end of Priestly year is on 19th June 2010
* The death anniversary of our Priests : Fr. Mathew Kollithanan on 3rd June : Fr. Thomas Kattoor on 8th June : Fr. Abraham Mookkanolil on 16th June
* Episcopal Ordination of Bishop George Njaralakatt, The first Bishop of the Diocese of Mandya - View Photos
* A brief report about the Inaguration of the Eparcy of Mandya and the Episcopal Ordination of Msgr. George Njaralakatt
* HDC Contact Class: April 20th and 24th at Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka and in Manimooly Region 28th of April.
* Catechism Annual exams will be on 10th April Saturday and in Gudalloor region the exams will be on 11th April Sunday.
* For Manimooly, Nilambur and Gudalloor Region: April 16th evening to 18th morning at Regional Pastoral centre, Manimooly
* Diocesan Vocation Camp:
For Boys :April 5th Evening to 7th morning at Pastoral centre, Dwaraka.
For Girls:April 7th eveninng to 9th morning at Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka.
* The last date to apply for the diocesan education Aid Fund is on 5th April.
* Appointments

Rev. Fr. Siby Thadathil O.Pream

Asst. Vicar, Adakathode
Rev. Fr. Renin Chandrankunnel O. Pream Asst. Vicar, Ambalavayal
Rev. Fr. Thomas Olickal MCBS Priest-in-Charge , Kalpra
* The annual Meeting of Major Seminarians will be from 25th to 29th April.
* Minor Orders of the diocesan major seminarians will be on 31st March ( 7 a.m) at Minor Seminary.
* Congratulations: Rev. Fr. Abraham Nellickal is appointed as the Vice-Rector at Mary Matha Major Seminary, Trichur
* The diocesan Curia will not be working from March 27th to April 9th because of Holy Week
* The death Anniversary of Bishop Immanuel Pothanamuzhy is on 6th April. The Holy Mass will be at Cathedral Church at 11.15 on the same day.
* Career Guidance Course (CARE 2010): 28th April at St. Joseph School, Bathery

Catechism - +1, +2 & HDC Results

View Results :   Plus I   |  Plus II   |  HDC

Congratulations and prayerful wishes to the diocese of Mandya and Bishop-elect Msgr. George Njaralakatt.
View - Episcopal Nomination Announcement Photos

The Episcopal Ordination of Msgr. George Njaralakkattu,
the Bishop elect of Mandya Diocese is on 07th April 2010
at 2.00 pm in Infant Jesus Church, Hinkal, Mysoor.


Six New Bishops and Two New Dioceses for the
Syro-Malabar Major Archiepiscopal Church

* Congratulations : Rev. Fr. Justin Moonnanal achieved Doctorate in Library Science from Calicut University and Rev. Fr. Jaise Chettiyassery achieved 2nd Rank in Communication and Journalism from Kannur University
* New Phone Number: St. Joseph's Church, Prasanthagiri : 04935- 266068
* HCC (+1, +2) Exams on 14th February 2010
* HDC 2009 Rank holders Sr. Sinclare FCC, Sr. Sophy FCC and Sr. Cicily SKD
* Marriage Preparation courses :
February 07 - 10 - at Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka
February 19 - 22 - at pastoral Centre, Dwaraka
* The midterm catechism exam is on 13th December.
* "Angel Meet 2009" - the meeting of the first communion children of this year is on 27th November from 9.30 to 3.00 p.m. at Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka.
* K.C.Y.M State Convention on 20th and 21st at Trichur
* Diocesian Youth Convention on 27th and 28th December at Bathery
* Marriage Preparation Course

November 14 - 17

Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka
November 21 -25 Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka
December 12 -15 Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka
December 17 - 21 Regional Pastoral Centre, Manomooly
December 28 - 31 Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka
* Mission Sunday Celebtrations on 18 th October
* HDC Convocation on 17th October at Dwaraka
* HDC Contact Class (II nd Years)

on 24th October at Pastoral Centre, Manimooly (9.30 - 4.30)

on 31st October at Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka (9.30 - 4.30)
on 14th November at Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka (9.30 - 4.30)
* HDC Contact Class (Ist Years) - on 27th November at Pastoral Centtre, Dwaraka (9.30 -4.30)
* Logos Biblequiz on 11th October from 1.30 p.m. to 3.00 p. m
* Marriage Preparation Course

October 10 - 13

Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka
October 23 -26 Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka
November 14 -17 Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka
November 21 - 25 Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka
* Marian Retreat from 16th to 20 October at Zion CRC
* Retreat for College Students: August 29 September 2
* Zion CRC: One Day Convention for Youth: on 8th August at Dwaraka
* Marriage Preparation Course
August 14-17, Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka.
August 20-24, Pastoral Centre, Manimooly
September 05-09: Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka
September 27-30: Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka.
* HDC Course will be held on 22nd August (9.30 am to 4.30 pm)
* Catetechism First Term Exam will be held on 30th August (11.30 am to 1.30 pm)
* Rev. Fr. Jojo Kudakkachira: Asst.Vicar, Bathery & Priest-in-Charge, Moolankavu
* New Appointments: Rev. Fr. Joseph Neudmkallel: Vicar, Kuttimoola & Associate Diocesan Office Secretary
* Hearty Congratulations to Rev. Dr. Saji (Joseph) Nedumkallell, who obtained a doctorate in Theology, from Bonn University, Germany.
* Inauguration of Radio Mattoly (90.40 MHz)
  • July 22-26, August 14-17, September 5-9, September 27-30 at Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka.
  • August 20-24 at Regional Pastoral Centre, Manimooly
* Marriage Preparation courses
  • July 22-26, August 14-17, September 5-9, September 27-30 at Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka.
  • August 20-24 at Regional Pastoral Centre, Manimooly
* Marriage Kuri (Form D) in English available at Bishops House
* Annual Retreat for Priests
  • From 13 to 18 September : First batch
  • From 20 to 25 September: Second batch
  • Retreat Preacher: Rev. Dr. Joseph Erambil VC
* Priests Conference
Next Priests Conference on 29th July , from 10.30. am to 4.00 p. m at Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka.
* Living Together Programme for Priests
  • First batch: 27th evening to 28th evening (July 2009)

  • Second batch: 29th evening to 30 evening (July 2009)

* Monthly Retreat for Priests:
  • Manimooly-Nilambur Foranes -7th July at Manimooly Pastoral Centre

  • Kallody-Nadavayal Foranes -8th July at Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka

  • Mananthavdy-Payyampally-Chungakunnu Foranes-9th July at Boys Town

  • Kalpetta-Thariode Foranes-14th July at Thariode

  • Bathery-Mullenkolly-Gudallur- Mysore -15th July at Bathery

* Radio Mattoly (90.40 MHz) The Diocesan community Radio broadcasting started on June 01, 2009. Time of Broadcasting: 6.00 am to 8.00 am & 7.00 pm to 9.00 p.m
* The next One Day Convention at Zion CRC, Dwaraka is June 6, 2009.
* Marian Singles Meet conducted on 28-04-2009.
* Thanks to Rev. Fr Mathew Madapallikunnel who has been the director of the diocesan Family Apostolate for past ten years.
* Marriage Preparation courses on June 2-5, June 26-29, and July 22-26 at Pastoral centre Dwaraka.
* Sthree Sree- Womens meet organized by KCYM to be held at St Peters and St Pauls Town church Mananthavady on June 13.
* CML unit, regional , diocesan leaders meet at Dwaraka on June 13
* Congratulations to the Rank holders and the 82 students who attained first class in HDC exam 2007 -2008 conducted by CFCS.
First rank Sr. Sinclair FCC
Second rank Sr Sophie FCC
Third rank Sr Cicely SKD
* Catechism teachers Training and Introductory Seminar will be held at Pastoral Centre Dwaraka.

Std 1,2,3,

on June 19-21

Std 4,5,6 on June 13,14
Std 7,8,9 on July 4,5
Std 10,11 on July 11,12
Std 12 on August 8,9
* Education Aid Fund
The Gathering of the students and their parents who are the beneficiaries of Diocesan Education Aid Fund and EFFECT (a program by the Womens Religious congregations) held at Dwaraka, Bathery and Manimooly on May 8, 11, 13 respectively. Altogether 526 students and their parents participated in the gathering.
* The Diocesan Day Celebrations
During the celebrations, His Exc. Mar Jose Porunnedom blessed the Studio and Office of Radio Mattoly The new Community Radio Station of the Diocese.
* The Newly erected Independent Stations
1 Moolankavu St. Judes Chapel has been erected as an Independent Station on May 03, 2009. It consists of 200 Catholic families.
2 Gundalpet Bl. Chavara Kuriakose Elias CMI Chapel has been erected as an Independent Station on May 17, 2009
* K.C.B.C. Madhya Virudha Samithi Decennial Celebration is on 5-6 December 2008 at Trichur.
* The Priests Living Together Program
1 The first batch- from July 27-July 28, 2009
2 The second batch from July 29- July 30, 2009
* Thanks to Rev. Fathers returning to their religious congregations after serving in various parishes of the Diocese of Mananthavady
1 Rev. Fr Joseph Unnukallel TOR (Vicar-Meenangady)
2 2. Rev. Fr Joseph Chakkanikunnel V.C. (Vicar- Karani)
3 3. Rev. Fr Thomas Kalapurakkal MST (Vicar- Palchuram)
4 4. Rev. Fr Jaison Murinjakallel SJB (Assi. Vicar- Sulthan Bathery)
* Congratulations
Rev. Dr. Dennis Kazhuthady Obtained a doctorate in Biblical Theology, from Gregorian University, Rome.
Rev. Dr. Adv.Thomas Joseph Therakam and Mrs. Glory George The newly appointed members to the Board of Juvenile Justice
Rev. Dr. Adv. Thomas Joseph Therakam On his Doctorate from Karnataka Open University.
* Death anniversaries
Rev. Fr. Mathew Kollithanam On June 03
Rev. Fr. Thomas Kattoor On June 08
Rev. Fr. Abraham Mookkanolil On July 16
* Congratulations to the newly elected General and Provincial team
* Congratulations to the new priests
Rev. Fr. Alex Onampallil Ordained on 15.04.2009
Rev. Fr. Sebastian Pakkanikuzhiyil Ordained on 18.04.2009
* Congratulations and Prayerful wishes to the newly nominated bishop Most Rev. Sebastian Kallupura of the diocese of Baksar who hails from the diocese of Mananthavady
* Common transfer of priests is going to take place on 15th of May
* Diocesan Day has been celebrated solemnly on May 1st
* Catechism Headmasters' and Parish priests' gathering is scheduled to be held on 23rd May
* CML 'Tiberias' Camp is from 5-8 May
* KCYM 'Pantakusta Jagarana Prarthana' is on 22nd May
* The next Marriage Preparation Course is at Dwaraka Pastoral Centre: May 09-12; May 28-31; June 26-29.
* Christeen Retreat is from 24-27 May at Zion CRC, Dwaraka
* Next Marriage Preparation Courses are from March 19-23 at RPC, Manimooly, from March 27-30 at Dwaraka Pastoral Centre.
* CML Tiberias Camps are from 14-30 April, 2009
* Annual Examinations of Catechism is on 4th April and for Gudallur Region is on 5th April.
* 'Viswasolsavam of Catechetical Department is from 1-3 April.
* Presbyteral Council is on 17th March at 10.30 a.m. at Bishops House
* Death Anniversary of Rev. Fr. Francis Valayil is on 10th March.
* Vocation Camps; For girls March 31-April 03; For boys- April 15-18 (Dwaraka, Pastoral centre): For boys and girls April 20-23 (RPC, Manimooly).
* Diocesan Vocation Camps at Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka are from March 31- April 3 for girls and from April 15-18 for boys and the camp at RPC, Manimooly is on 20-23 April for both girls and boys.
* The next Retreat at Zion CRC, Dwaraka is from 22-26 February
* The next Marriage Preparation Course is from 14-17 February and from February 27 to March 2 at Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka
* KCYM diocesan, Mekhala, Unit 'Nethrusanghamam' is on 14th February at S.H. School, Dwaraka.
* Visvasolsavu is from 1st April to 3rd April.
* Catechism Exams: 4th April from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m (1-9 classes). 2 p.m to 4 p.m (10 class, 4, 7 scholarship exam). In Gudallur Region the exams are on 5th April.
* Special coaching for those who are engaged in giving formation to the candidates for the First Holy Communion. Venue: Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka; Date: 27, 28 February 2009.
* Scholarships to the START Course: see Mananthavady Roopatha Bulletin February issue, pp. 118-119
* Application for the Diocesan Education Aid Fund for the next Academic Year is to be submitted before 31st March 2009
* Rev. Fr. Joseph Ponnembel TOR and Rev. Fr. Joseph Unnukallel TOR are appointed as parish priests at Panamchira and Meenangadi respectively
* Rev. Fr. Benny Veliath has come back after his Europe trip..
* Next Marriage Preparation Course is from 30th January to 2nd February.
* CML Diocesan Anuual Day and Symbosium is on 26th January at Nadavayal: Hearty wellcome to all the CML members.
* Mananthavady diocese wish you all Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year 2009
* KCYM Kalpetta Mekhala and Prsanthagiri Unit have secured the best Mekhala and best Unit awards: Congratulations!
* Rev. Fr. George Mampallil is appointed as the diocesan co-ordinator of Deepika News Paper
* His Excellency Mar Jose Porunnedom is elected as the Labour Commission Chairman of KCBC; Congratulations and Best Wishes!
* K.C.Y.M. Mananthavady secured the first prize for the State Perl Kalolsavam at Kanjirappally: Congratulations
* 'Vachanavarsha Convention' went well and thousands of faithful participated
* Fr. Thomas Kalappura MST is appointed as the Vicar at Bl. Kuriakose Elias' Church, Palchuram
* Fr. James Purathayil CST is appointed as the Vicar at Infant Jesus' Church, Karimani
* Fr. Johny Kanjiramparambil MSFS is appointed as the Vicar at St. George's Church, Kallumukku
* Fr. Thomas Kattuthuruthiyil is appointed as the Vicar at St. Thomas' Church, Arinchermala
* Fr. Sony Vazhakatt is appointed as the Vice- Rector at Mount Mary College and appointed as the Vicar at St. Sebastian's Church, Mangalassery
* Mananthavady diocese wish you all a Prayerful Advent
* Rev. Fr. Sony Vazhakatt has come back after successful completion of his licentiate studies in Canon Law at Pontifical Holy Cross University, Rome. Hearty welcome to him
* Dalith Liberation Sunday is on 7th December
* Presbyteral Council is on 16th December 2008
* Diocesan Curia and Office remain closed 21-28 December, 2008
* 'Vachanam 2008': Diocesan Bilble Convention is on 4-6 December 2008
* 'The Year of the Word of God' is going to be concluded in the diocesan level on 25th December at St. Joseph's Cathedral, Mananthavady by His Excellency Mar Jose Porunnedom
* Catechism half yearly exam is on 7th December 2008
* Meeting of Parish Priests and Headmasters of Catechism is on 10th January 2009 at Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka at 10 a.m.
* Coaching for First Holy Communion trainers on 27-28 February, 2009.
* Catechism HDC contact class is on 20th December 2008.
* CML 'Angel Meet' went well and there were more than 1500 participants
* CML diocesan managing committee is on 13th December, 2008 at Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka at 10 a.m.
* CML 'Bible Vakhya Padana Malsaram' is on the diocesan level is on 22nd December, 2008..
* K.C.Y.M. Diocesan Senate is on 27-28 December, 2008. It begins on 27th at 4 p.m. and ends on 28th 3 p.m.
* K.C.Y.M. diocesan annual convention in on 27th December 2008 at 9 a.m. at Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka.
* K.C.Y.M. 'Veekshana 08' is on 13th December 2008 at Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka
* K.C.Y.M. ' Ready' is on 11th December 2008 at 6.30 p.m. at Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka
* Marriage Preparation Course is on 12-15 December 2008- Dwaraka (PC); 19-22 December 2008 -Manimooly (RPC); 29 Dec.-1 Jan. Dwarak (PC).
* K.C.B.C. Madhya Virudha Samithi Decennial Celebration is on 5-6 December 2008 at Trichur.
* CML Mananthavady secured the overall chapionship for the state 'Bible Kalolsavam' at Idukki and got the first prize for the activities of 2007-2008

The World Media Day is on Sunday 16th November

* On 12th November we remember the death Anniversary of Rev. Fr. Joseph Choorackamattom
* From November 24th November 27th 2008: Young Priests Seminar
Rev. Fr. Jose Thayyil, S.J. conducts the seminar on topic Training in Animation and Organizational Skills with Life Skills Perspective.
* Vachanavarsha Roopatha Convention is scheduled in December 4,5,6, 2008 at Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka
* Intercessory Prayer for the success of the Convention on November 20 at Zion chapel, Dwaraka from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
* Kudumba Register is ready to buy from Bishops house.
* HDC contact class is on November 8, 29 at Pastoral Centre, Dwaraka.
* CML 2007-2008 the best unit is Chithragiri; the best mekhala is S. Bathery: Congratulations!
* St. Alphonsas Thirusseshippu prayanam is going on well
* CML Angel Meet is on 15th November
* KCYM diocesan camp went well
* KCYM Perl state competition is on December 6,7,8, 2008 in Kanjirappally.
* KCYM unit, mekhla elections to be done before 22nd December, 2008
* KCYM report to be submitted before the end of December, 2008 for the award.
* The next Marriage preparation course is on November 28 to December 1, 2008 and from Dec. 12 to December 15 at PC, Dwaraka, Dec. 19 to Dec. 22 at RPC, Manimooly
* Zion CRC Antharika Saukhya Dyanam is from 21-26 November, 2008.